Mad Spotter β„’ Pro - Compact (Pair)

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Our hooks are compatible with ~99% of dumbbells in the market. If you want to make sure, measure the handle length of your dumbbells. If it's 4.7" or longer, all good! If not, let us know here; we are working on a new model just for you.

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Rated for 170 LBs / 80 KG

Each Mad Spotter hook can hold 170+ LBs. Our hooks are robust, strong, and made to last a lifetime.

Max your dumbbell presses without a spotter.

Don't leave gains on the table. Load up your dumbbells without risking your shoulders. No spotter required.

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Go heavy.

Don't leave gains on the table. Load up your Dumbbells without risking your shoulder's health.

Protect your shoulders.

The pick-up phase in a dumbbell bench or overhead press puts your shoulders in a dangerous position and wastes your energy, especially with heavy weights. With the Mad Spotters, the pick-up will be as safe as any rep. Keep your form!


When used correctly, unilateral work is extremely effective for strength and size gains. But you have to go heavy. With the Mad Spotter, you can properly load your dumbbells even if you don't have a spotter. Going lighter? Not today.

Perfect form unlocked.

With the help of Mad Spotter, you can retract your shoulder blades and arc your back as you do on a conventional barbell bench press. This guarantees a safe and strong lift.

No more wasted energy.

Focus all your energy on the exercise and increase the efficiency of your lifts. No more energy wasted getting into position. 100% of your energy output will go to perform the exercise, targeting the proper muscles.

4 Reasons To Upgrade

Prevent imbalances with heavy unilateral work

DESTROY plateaus by switching to heavy DB lifts

Lift safely by performing scapular retraction on DB presses too

Optimize your lifts by focusing all the energy on the lifting phase

"In all seriousness, I'm mad at myself for not discovering this product earlier. I could feel my shoulders complaining when getting in position. Now I can finally go all-in on dumbbell presses. THANKS FOR CREATING THIS πŸ‘Š" - Victor G

How it works

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Failure? Drop them!

You can drop them if needed.

Grip too thick?

You can use them without the velcro grips.

"These things are going to completely change the dumbbell game

The absolute coolest purchase I’ve made for the gym in the sub-$100 price range."

Jeremy S

17-30% performance improvement compared to traditional methods

No. We can't back this with a study. This is our experience with a small sample size, but we bet a year of gains you will agree with us once you try them.
And no, this doesn't mean you'll become 17% stronger just by purchasing these hooks. It means you'll be able to use all your energy in an efficient way for every set, and of course, this will translate into strength and muscle gains in the long run.

"If you can't get the weight up, it's too heavy!"

Imagine if you were required to get the barbell from the floor every time you do a bench press. That would be CRAZY. However, when it comes to dumbbells training, you are supposed to swing the dumbbells into position or kick them up with your knees. As lifters, we’ve been performing dumbbell exercises in a suboptimalΒ (and sometimes dangerous)Β way just because we lacked the appropriate gear. It's time to fix that.

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Don't take our word for it


My bench press plateau was DESTROYED when this thing came to my life.

Dylan C

Used it for 4 weeks already, I thought it was going to be uncomfortable, but I was 100% wrong. After a few tries, you get used to it. I have never trained this hard with dumbbells, and I can already see strength and muscle gains.

Jeff M

I've always used lighter weights for dumbbells because I couldn't get into position properly without feeling too much pressure in my shoulders. This is the perfect solution.

Seb G


Yes. The hook was designed with comfort and usability in mind. We use them in every training now. After a few tries, you won't even notice it.

More than 170 lbs / 80 kg per hook.

Simple, If you are not happy with the product, we don't want your money. Write us at for a full refund. No questions asked.

We ship from the US. You will receive it in 2 to 3 days, depending on your shipping method.Β