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Enjoy all the benefits of heavy dumbbell work while keeping your shoulders safe. No spotter required. Zero wasted energy. Just safe gains.

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I had a chance to use them today and they work GREAT. I was actually able to get 2 more quality reps right off the bat.

Robert N.

As someone who reps 150 lbs of dumbbells, this is 1000x better than throwing those things up and opening yourself up for potential injury. You won't regret owning a pair of these

Tee M.

Days off due to injury can never be regained. An absolute no-brainer for all heavy dumbbell presses.

David D.
Mad Spotter ™ Pro 2.0 (Pair)
Mad Spotter ™ Pro 2.0 (Pair)
Mad Spotter ™ Pro 2.0 (Pair)
Mad Spotter ™ Pro 2.0 (Pair)

Mad Spotter ™ Pro 2.0 (Pair)

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I tore a rotator cuff getting into position for dumbbell lifts... these are brilliantly simple and would've saved me loads of pain, lost training time, and an upcoming surgery. These are already helping me lift with zero pain.

Troy B. Verified buyer

I personally have seen rapid benefits and increases in both my flat and incline dumbbell press in just these last 2 weeks. I went from 115lb dumbbells for 10 reps at best to set a new record and hit 15 reps today.

Adam S. Verified buyer

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Our hooks are compatible with ~99% of dumbbells in the market. If you want to make sure, measure the handle length and handle diameter of your dumbbells. Handle length should be 4.5" (114 mm) or more, and handle diameter should be 1.4" (36 mm) or less.

Why use Mad Spotter for your workouts?

Watch this short video from our friend @nicknilsson1

New grip 2.0

"The new grip turned Mad Spotter from good to GREAT!"

You ask, we deliver. The original Mad Spotter grip was firm and safe, but not always comfortable. We are proud to present our new ergonomic grip, engineered from scratch to contour perfectly to your hands and dumbbells. It not only provides unbeatable comfort (you literally won't feel it), but also greatly improves control, even for the heaviest sets. You have to experience it.

improved comfort and control
Anti-slip design
Ultra durable nylon
Rated for 250 LBs / 110 KG (per hook)

Try risk free for 60 days

You're 100% covered — if it's not for you, send it back within 60 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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Rated for 250 LBs / 110 KG

Each Mad Spotter hook can hold 250+ LBs. Our hooks are robust, strong, and made to last a lifetime.


On average, intermediate lifters can perform 3 to 4 additional quality reps when using the Mad Spotter hooks. By enabling extra volume at a challenging weight, Mad Spotter is the shortest and safest path to unlock new gains and crush plateaus.

The Smarter Way to Train with Dumbbells.

Safer on your shoulders.

Avoids excessive and unnecessary stress on your shoulder joints by starting from a stable position

Zero wasted energy.

Guarantees 100% of your energy will be used to lift, avoiding sub-optimal sets.

High-Intensity friendly.

Allows you to go heavy without worrying about the pick-up phase and unlocks all the benefits of heavy dumbbell work.

Prevents imbalances and asymmetries.

Prevents imbalances and asymmetries, promoting equal strength development in both arms, pecs and shoulders.

Go heavy.

Don't leave gains on the table. Load up your Dumbbells without risking your shoulder's health.

Protect your shoulders.

The pick-up phase in a dumbbell bench or overhead press puts your shoulders in a dangerous position and wastes your energy, especially with heavy weights. With the Mad Spotters, the pick-up will be as safe as any rep. Keep your form!


When used correctly, unilateral work is extremely effective for strength and size gains. But you have to go heavy. With the Mad Spotter, you can properly load your dumbbells even if you don't have a spotter. Going lighter? Not today.

Perfect form unlocked.

With the help of Mad Spotter, you can retract your shoulder blades and arc your back as you do on a conventional barbell bench press. This guarantees a safe and strong lift.

No more wasted energy.

Focus all your energy on the exercise and increase the efficiency of your lifts. No more energy wasted getting into position. 100% of your energy output will go to perform the exercise, targeting the proper muscles.

4 Reasons To Upgrade

Prevent imbalances with heavy unilateral work

DESTROY plateaus by switching to heavy DB lifts

Lift safely by performing scapular retraction on DB presses too

Optimize your lifts by focusing all the energy on the lifting phase

Going heavy? No problem.

145 LB per dumbbell x 15 🏆

"These things are going to completely change the dumbbell game

The absolute coolest purchase I’ve made for the gym in the sub-$100 price range."

Jeremy S


withstand much more.

"If you can't get the weight up, it's too heavy!"

Imagine if you were required to get the barbell from the floor every time you do a bench press. That would be CRAZY. However, when it comes to dumbbells training, you are supposed to swing the dumbbells into position or kick them up with your knees. As lifters, we’ve been performing dumbbell exercises in a suboptimal (and sometimes dangerous) way just because we lacked the appropriate gear. It's time to fix that.

clip by ShreddedDad.com

Don't just take our word for it 💭


Because of injuries, I basically stopped doing db press. Having 120's in each hand and falling into the bench would just cause more harm than good. This is genius!!! 99% of new fitness stuff is junk, this is the 1% 👏

Tim O.

Verified Buyer


I love this product. For everyone doubting: Always train smart - days off due to injury can never be regained. An absolute no-brainer for all dumbbell presses.

David D.

Verified Buyer


Godsend. As someone who legitimately reps 150 lbs of dumbbells on chest day... this is 100000000000 times better than throwing those things up and opening yourself up for potential injury. You won't regret owning a pair of these.

Tee M.

I had a chance to use them today and they work very well and was actually able to get 2 more reps right off the bat!

Robert N.

Verified Buyer


Been using them for the last month and appreciate the shoulder safety and ease of use. When you logically think about it, it's no different from using a power rack for barbell presses or squats, the weights are positioned above you and you unhook them when you are ready. Just wish I had these sooner.

Martin B.

Los Angeles, CA


These are awesome. I can't believe how much energy I was wasting wrestling the dumbells into position. Instant performance improvement. You can literally feel it in your chest after the set.

Arthur S.

Verified Buyer


Detached my supraspinatus Tendon doing the kicks. Immense unnatural force on the shoulder repetitively. Better get these before your shoulders give up.

Ed Z.

Verified Buyer


Just got my set and love them! Takes about 20 seconds tops to adjust to the grip, but definitely start with light dumbbells to get the hang of it.

Jeffrey S.

Verified Buyer

41,000+ shoulders saved.


More than 250 lbs / 110 kg per hook.

Yes. The hook was designed with comfort and usability in mind. We use them in every training now. After a few tries, you won't even notice it.

Simple, If you are not happy with the product, we don't want your money. Write us at hello@themadspotter.com for a full refund. No questions asked.

We ship from the US. You will receive it in 2 to 3 days, depending on your shipping method.